About myself

My name is Olesya, I am thirty-two. Currently, I am living in the city of Vladivostok. I am living in a spacious house with my beloved man Alexander, our common son Seraphim and the elder son of Alexander — Seryozha.

I was born in the city of Leningrad. When I was five, my mother and I moved to the city of Ashgabat. The climate in this sunny place was very suitable for me, and in the hottest hours of the day, I would go for a walk in the deserted streets. While all residents of the city had their afternoon sleep, I would enjoy being alone as well as the shrouding warmth in the shade of the trees. In winter, mom used to drive me to my grandmother’s, to the Rostov region. And my childish joy was infinite. I would enjoy all the pleasures of winter: snowdrifts being large to children’s standards, grandma’s pancakes, evenings near a hot stove.

At the age of eight, I underwent a surgery to take out tonsils and adenoids, which was the reason of my frequent colds later on. Three times a year, in spring, fall and winter, I would catch cold. Once I would accidentally breathe in the cool air, and I would have to lie in bed for the following ten days.

I moved to the country to my grandmother’s when I was nine. I studied at a secondary school and due to different reasons I received only incomplete secondary general education.

Only three products dominated my nutrition: poultry, bread and milk. The rest of the diverse products were either not available, or not to my taste. Sweets, even in the form of sugar, were absent in my diet.